School Fundraising – Is a Candy Bar Fundraiser a Good Choice for My School?

The type of fundraiser that you choose will greatly impact the profitability and success of your fundraising efforts. There are many different school fundraising options from candy bar fundraisers to cookie dough fundraisers to car washes and catalog sales. All can be profitable choices for your school. Let’s look at some factors to consider as you strive to determine if a candy bar fundraiser is an appropriate choice for your next fundraising endeavor.Do You Have the Initial Investment Available?Candy bar fundraising requires an initial investment. Basically your school will purchase cases of candy bars and then will sell them and keep any money earned. While these fundraisers are often very profitable, you will have to invest money upfront, so if your school doesn’t have money to put down you may want to choose another fundraising option like a cookie dough fundraiser or a catalog sale.Who Will Buy Your Candy Bars?Candy fundraisers can be especially profitable when the product can be sold at school. For example if your high school football team carries around bags of candy they may be able to sell many to fellow students between classes and before and after school. Many schools have nutritional regulations that may limit your ability to sell at school. If you plan to sell outside of the school you need to figure out who the students will sell to and where so that you aren’t left with a lot of product that you can’t move. Since you invest in the candy bars in advance any items not sold cost you money and cut into profits.How Large is the Fundraiser?Candy school fundraisers are often a great choice for smaller school groups and organizations. This is primarily because the fundraiser can be very profitable, even if you aren’t able to sell a large amount of product. Often you can earn profits around 50% even with only selling one case. If you do have a small group make sure that you find a fundraiser that you can handle. If you have a large group, it might be worth doing some research to find out if another type of fundraiser like catalog sales or cookie dough fundraising could be more profitable.Is the Fundraiser Seasonal?Even if you decide to go with a candy bar fundraiser you will still need to choose your product. There are many different types of product available, so you can easily host a seasonal candy bar fundraiser or an anytime fundraiser. Both can be profitable. If you are hosting a seasonal fundraiser make sure that your sale won’t be competing with other school fundraisers held at the same time. For example if your school is hosting a school wide holiday gift wrap fundraiser it might not be the best time to also hold a holiday candy fundraiser. Remember people only have so much money available and if your fundraisers are competing against each other you might be cutting into profits.Selling candy bars, suckers and other treats can be a great school fundraising option. Use these questions found in this article to determine if your next fundraiser should be a candy bar fundraiser.