School Fundraisers – 3 Popular Fundraising Options

If you have spent any time researching school fundraisers you know that there are many different ways to earn money for your school. Let’s look at three popular school fundraising options to see how they can be a benefit for your school or organization. Remember you can hold more than one fundraiser, so if all of these options seem like a great fit, consider hosting a few school fundraisers this year. The more fundraising your school does, the more money they can earn.Candy Bar FundraisersCandy bar fundraisers are always a popular school fundraising option. In this type of fundraiser your school will purchase cases of candy bars, suckers, gummy candies and other snacks and then will sell these items to students and community members. There is an upfront investment required since your school will need to purchase their products before they can start selling. Another potential downside to this fundraiser is that candy cannot be returned, so if you order too much you can end up losing profits since you will still have to pay for the candy you can’t sell.To make this type of fundraiser a success your school needs to have an accurate idea of how much you can sell. It is always better to order a few cases of candy too little than to order more than you can sell. It is also important to get students involved. They can sell candy around school, around town and to family and friends. You also need to keep seasonal considerations in mind. For example if you plan on holding a chocolate bar in the middle of the summer in a hot climate you will need to find ways to keep your chocolate cool so that your product doesn’t melt. On the other hand if you are selling holiday treats you will be more successful at holiday times.Cookie Dough FundraisersCookie dough fundraisers are another great fundraising option. In this style of fundraiser students will use order forms to sell tubs of premade cookie dough to neighbors, family and friends. The dough is then delivered to the purchasers. This type of fundraiser doesn’t usually require an upfront investment. It is also popular with purchasers since they can use the dough they buy to make fresh from the oven cookies any time they like.If you choose to host a cookie dough fundraiser make sure that you have a strong distribution plan from the beginning. The cookie dough must be refrigerated so it will need to be given out to purchasers quickly once it comes in. Enlisting help for dough distribution is critical. Also make sure that you work with a reputable fundraising company known for producing high quality and delicious cookie dough. If purchasers aren’t delighted by their cookies they will be much less likely to purchase from your school in the future.Catalog SalesCatalog sales offer some of the most variety when it comes to school fundraising. There are many different types of fundraising catalogs available and you will easily be able to find a great fundraising choice for any season of the year. Generally your school will be able to choose from gift wrap fundraisers, gourmet treats, holiday gifts, spring bulbs and more. These fundraisers offer a percentage of each sale to the school and often include an incentive plan for students. Family and friends can use this fundraiser to buy unique products that they can’t find elsewhere without having to leave their home. This is a fun and convenient fundraising choice.If you choose to have a catalog sales fundraiser make sure that you time it properly. For example if you decide to host a holiday gifts fundraiser hold it early enough that shoppers won’t be done Christmas shopping before your fundraiser and in plenty of time to order the gifts and distribute them before the holidays. Timing is critical on a catalog fundraiser. Also remember to choose your fundraising provider carefully. It is so important to ensure that your orders come in on time and that everyone receives the high quality products that they order. The success of your future fundraisers lies in your ability to choose a great provider the first time around. Disappointed parents and friends won’t be likely to purchase again.Here are three great school fundraiser options for you to consider. All can be great options for your school and will help you to earn extra money. Choose a great fundraiser today and start making money for your school.

School Fundraising – 5 Don’ts to Remember

Often when people talk about school fundraising they discuss what needs to be done. You will encounter plenty of people offering advice about what to do and what to remember. While many of these tips will really help the success of your fundraiser, it is also important to remember that there are some things that you shouldn’t do. Let’s look at a few fundraising don’ts so that you can save yourself from making some common school fundraising mistakes.Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can ChewFundraising can be very profitable for your school, but a single fundraiser shouldn’t be the only solution to all of your school’s financial problems. Don’t expect one candy or cookie dough fundraiser to earn enough money to replace playground equipment, order textbooks, fund fieldtrips and buy new carpet. Set realistic monetary earnings goals for each school fundraiser. Remember you can always have more than one fundraiser. When you try to earn more than is possible in a single fundraiser you will burn yourself and students out and will fall short of your goals.Don’t Rush FundraisingA fundraiser takes time to plan and coordinate. Make sure that you allot plenty of time for each stage in the fundraising process. Many fundraising companies can get you your products very quickly, so shop around and find the best fundraiser for your organization before you commit. Also take time before starting to organize, find help and plan with students. When you rush you make fundraising more complicated and stressful and you run the risk of discouraging students that would otherwise be enthusiastic about earning money for the school.Don’t Choose the First School Fundraiser You FindThere are many great school fundraising programs out there. You may decide to hold a candy fundraiser or a cookie dough fundraiser. Other schools host car washes, bake sales or even catalog orders. All of these options can be profitable, but research is critical. Make sure that you choose a fundraiser that offers a good profit margin. Working with an established school fundraising company is also very important. Shopping around will ensure that you find the most profitable option for your school.Don’t Do Everything AloneAs you plan your fundraiser make sure that you enlist plenty of help. Parents, school volunteers, students and community members are often happy to help. You may even be able to find a few teachers willing to volunteer their time. Having a strong support staff will make every stage of the fundraising process easier. They can help you to organize earnings, keep track of product and orders and to motivate students.Don’t Lose MotivationMany people are excited at the start of a fundraiser and then slowly lose motivation as the fundraiser progresses. This can really cut into your potential for earnings. Strive to stay motivated from the start of the fundraiser to the very end. A great way to keep your motivation up is to limit the length of a fundraiser. Rather than hosting a two month long catalog sale, cut the sales time in half. This will encourage students to sell faster and will reduce the amount of time that you must commit to each fundraiser.
Fundraising is a great way to earn extra money for your school. These important tips will help you to earn more and stress less throughout the entire school fundraising process.